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August 12, 2009, 4:10 am
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As a sophomore art student at the University of Oklahoma in 2002, I had come up against a brick wall, so to speak. I was in my first year of art school as a transfer student from Pepperdine. My goal was to be accepted into the visual communications program there at OU, but first I had to complete several basic art classes, as well as pass the portfolio review to be accepted into the class of 20.

Enter Lola. A studio project was given on the human form, and when my initial concept completely, totally, utterly tanked, I called my mom in a panic.

“MOM!” I sobbed into the phone. “MOM, my project is going to just be a disaster! I don’t know what to do!”

If memory serves, I think I tried to papier mache myself. You read that right – myself. Soooo, yeah. Not so much of a great idea to try to make a giant human body cast of myself.

Mom knew what the project was, and came immediately to my rescue. She got on the phone and made a few calls. A rinky dink department store in our town was going out of business, and she managed to score Lola, the fantastic mannequin that she is. I can’t remember how we dubbed her Lola – I don’t think it was until later when I was working for Pink Sugar, a small apparel line started by some of my friends from high school. Lola was our mannequin for our shirts many a time. I think because the mannequin was so tiny, there was some reference made to Lolita. So anyway – Lola she is.

I secretly loved finally having a mannequin. She’s worn tons of outfits and has been photographed many a time for eBay and other endeavors. And once I went to fashion school in Paris for a summer, she also became my mannequin for miscellaneous fashion designs at home.

So it’s only right that she should get her time in the sun now here on her own blog. 🙂


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Absolutely, she deserves a moment (or two) in the spotlight! Does she have a name? Ours is Madge. 🙂

Comment by

Oops, I just re-read this, and saw her name, we do apologize to her, please don’t let her think we were being disrespectful!


Comment by

No worries! Lola’s pretty even-keeled. 🙂 No offense taken! Ha!

Comment by rachelshingleton

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