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Skinny Jeans for the Not-So-Inclined
August 20, 2009, 1:24 am
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If you’re anything like me, you were absolutely horrified that skinny jeans (uh, we used to know them as MOM JEANS!) came back into vogue. Especially if — like me — you are pear shaped (i.e., hippy). However, I’m slowly coming around and I have finally taken the plunge.

For me, I’m just not super-trendy. I like to look current, but in other words, I want to remain fairly classic and not too over-the-top. I don’t want to feel like my clothes are wearing me. So in order to make these work for me and not make me feel (1) ridiculous or (2) 15 years old and testing out my retro phase, I need them to fit well in my hips, rear, and thighs, and I also need them in a super-dark wash so as to minimize said hips and thighs. And rear. Oh, the rear.

I really like the fit of the Matchstick jeans from J.Crew. They come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and washes. I picked these up this week, and I’m totally in love. I plan on wearing them with absolutely EVERYTHING this fall. I also like that I can roll them up and have a big wide cuff. Somehow my regular jeans are always too wide at the bottom and then they end up looking goofy.

My second favorite skinnies-if-you-don’t-want-to-go-too-skinny/trendy are the Real Straight fit from Gap’s retooled denim line. They have really cute pockets on the rear, too. I love a cute pocket. The leg looks really tapered on the model, but they’re right in between a bootcut and a true skinny/tapered leg.

Now. I have not tried these Joe’s Jeans Honey Skinnies for myself, so I cannot vouch for their fit, but I do own a few pairs of the regular bootcut Honeys, and I adore them. The fit of Joe’s is the best for me — the Honey, and Socialite, to be specific. So I can only imagine that their Honey cut with a skinny leg would fit equally as well in the rear and hips.So what I am going to wear these with? Absolutely everything. But the trick lies in proportion. These jeans are the perfect match for blousy, flowy tops. In other words, keep away from the more tight tops. Save those for the wide-leg or bootcut jeans.

What are your favorite denim lines?


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i absolutely love the matchstick. i’ll have to try gap’s. these skinnyish jeans are my new fav. i too was very skeptical about my body in this cut, but i really like them. you’re right proportions are the key!

Comment by elizabeth

E — Gap is running a $20 off their new jeans promo right now, FYI.

Comment by rachelshingleton

Hmmm, do I dare try a skinny jean in maternity!?? HA!

Comment by Kira

Kira, if anybody could, it would be you! You’ve got the bod for it! šŸ˜‰

Comment by rachelshingleton

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