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September 10, 2009, 1:07 am
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YIPPEE! I love getting my hair cut. The past few months I've been letting my crazy mop grow, uninhibited, but I was getting really sick of it. My hair is very thick, and wavy in the back. This makes for a constant (hot) fight. Especially in the summers here in Oklahoma when there's lotsa humidity. 

I knew that it was time to cut it all off again. So when I was perusing new fave Hair Thursday, I stumbled on this photo below and promptly fell in love. So I emailed it to myself and then showed it to Linda, my stylist, today. She loved it – this girl has such a cute cut and such pretty color. And while I didn't tweak my color today, I did let her cut away!

I don't have any really great photos yet of my hair — it's hard to grab a good angle of yourself w/ an iPhone.

Volume 3.6 : Hair Thursday.

More photos later — next week, I'll be back with more tales of straightening crazy wavy hair!


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Looks fantastic – so fresh, clean and stylish!

Comment by Shannon

Cute! Very Audrey Tautou!

Comment by Kathleen

Ca-uuute! Love it girl!

Comment by Mandy Ford

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