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Darling! Where’ve you been all my life?
February 1, 2010, 7:00 am
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New jewelry is in at JCrew. This bracelet in metallic blush, especially, caught my eye. More and more, I’m attracted to these pale, pretty colors.


Art Deco by CCSkye
December 8, 2009, 8:00 am
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Coco+Kelley talked about these pretty Art Deco-inspired bangles the other day, and I had never heard of the designer, CCSkye.  While most of it is a little too punk/trendy for me, the Art Deco pieces are truly unique.  It’s those glamourous baguette crystals — they transform anything sparkly into a whole other level of fabulousness.

Uber-chic, and sure to dress up the simplest of tank tops and skinny jeans.

Attainable Statement
December 7, 2009, 7:00 am
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If you’re looking for a striking piece of jewelry at a reasonable pricepoint, this might be for you.

By a line called Sequin over at my jewelry fave Charm & Chain, these chain links are formed from loads of individual turquoise glass beads. This is the piece that is guaranteed to turn any basic outfit from blah to out-of-control fabulous. At $60, it’s not an out-of-control price, either.

like a rhinestone cowgirl
November 18, 2009, 1:08 am
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Ok, that was a totally dumb title for this post, but it was all I could think of. I got the latest issue of InStyle in the mail today, and as I was flipping through it, I caught a glance of Coach’s mini-line, Poppy. There was this gorgeous necklace and I thought, hmmm, I wonder what else I’m missing out on. So I hopped on over to their website. They definitely have some cool jewelry going on. And as I’m one to never turn away a rhinestone, these in particular caught my eye. You should go check it out – it’s definitely a cooler Coach than before.
poppy rhinestone necklaces 2

poppy rhinestone necklaces

How to store jewelry
September 3, 2009, 10:01 pm
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I got a question the other day from Elizabeth who wanted to know how I store my jewelry. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the best way to handle my jewelry. I want it to be visible so I can see what I have, but I also want it to be well organized and not let my necklaces get all tangled up. That’s the biggest problem with jewelry boxes: they really aren’t great for necklaces.

Enter the hinged shadowbow!

I confess – I totally stole my idea for storage from Chrysi, my sister-in-law. A few weeks ago, I had seen a pretty display box at West Elm (can’t seem to find a photo online) and when we went to pick up Jude from my brother’s, where he was staying, I saw C’s gorgeous shadow box that she was going to mount on the wall to store her jewelry in. So C, I apologize — I’m totally ripping you off. All credit goes to you, my dear!

Since I saw C’s idea, I’ve hung all my jewelry on pushpins that were in my closet above the changing table we keep in there. This was working fairly well, but it was kinda unsightly. Plus, Jude likes to play with the necklaces when I have him laying there, changing his diaper.

Luckily, this week, Hobby Lobby was running a 50% off sale on all its wall decor, including all frames. WOWZA! So I got a nice big $50 shadowbox for only $25, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I hung it up in our bathroom, removing the really ridiculously defunct towel ring that always wanted to fall down whenever I even dared glance at the towel that I had hung there. It was driving me crazy, so down it came.

It kinda reminds me of a cabinet of curiosities, or possibly a really fancy bug collection. The original frame had the linen background, and that works for me for now. I used dressmaker’s pins to hang the jewelry from (surprisingly sturdy).

I also keep my bracelets in a bowl, or sometimes in this gorgeous decoupage John Derian plate that my birthmom Kim gave me for my birthday. I am in love with it! Terrible photo of it, though. Apologies.

So there you go. Feel free to steal Chrysi’s idea too! 🙂 I guess hypothetically you could also make a really fab corkboard into a great display, too. The possibilities are endless!

Window Dresser’s note: I’m also posting this over at Pencil Shavings, since it’s applicable there, too. Thanks for your question, Ebeth!

All Tied Up
August 31, 2009, 1:36 am
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I kinda have a thing for headscarves. I love them. I have this fantasy that I would be on the Riviera in a convertible with great big sunglasses and my hair pulled back in a gorgeous scarf. But it’s one thing to like them and another thing to have to wear them.

I’m talking about when you’re sick and you’re on medicine and your hair’s falling out. How on earth do you manage to make yourself feel glamorous — heck, even somewhat normal? Hair is such a sensitive thing. It is emotional to us, especially as women. We feel a deep connectivity;  our sense of self is very much wrapped up in our hair. So when it’s gone, whether it be by botched haircut or chemotherapy treatment, it can be devastating.

My mom is going through this right now. She doesn’t have cancer, but she is on a drug frequently used for cancer patients, and one of the side effects is hair loss. She is so so brave, let me tell you. Way braver than I ever would be. She’s put up with so much, and this next week she gets to go to one of the best clinics in the nation for her specific disease, to get more help and learn more about how to manage this nasty little illness. So she’s been wanting help with scarves, and so I got online today at and started looking up images. How do you make yourself feel better when you’re already feeling not so hot? Most of these are Prada, Celine, and others that I can’t remember, but I found them all inspiring.

00010m00170m00320m100117294100117299100117308100117327100117380100117399Those last two images are my favorites!

In my opinion, the key to these looks is to accessorize. If you are feeling particularly down about your hair situation, you need to find another way to focus on feeling pretty. In this case, a pretty scarf that goes with your outfit. And in addition, some dangly earrings as well. If you are a big sunglasses person, go with that too. Glam it up. Have as much fun with the look as you can — channel Jackie O or one of these pretty Palm Beach-esque girls above. Even if you’re not into makeup at all, you can try a new lipgloss or lipstick to bring some color to your face and look more “done.”

Notice also in these photos that there is a lot of emphasis on the necklines. Draw attention to your neck or collarbone with a V-neck or other detailing. Choose simple, delicate necklaces.

When it comes to choosing a scarf, there are tons of options, but the bigger the size of the scarf, the better — that way you have more fabric to work with. The trick is to make a triangle with them and then begin to wrap it around your head. Practice is the key — keep playing with it until you get the desired look. Also be sure that it doesn’t ride too high on your forehead.

This “metro” print from Coach is so much fun. A great vintage illustration.

The multicolor stripes are so pretty!

Jury’s still out, in my mind, on hats. I might be tempted to have my head wrapped in a fun scarf, and top it with a cute hat if it were particularly cold outside. One like this –

All of these options above can be viewed here, at Coach.  Or maybe a cute knit cashmere cap!

A GORGEOUS offering from Louis Vuitton. I adore the bright colors. Gorgeous.

What about some pretty earrings to complete your look? Aren’t these divine? Kenneth Jay Lane hoops at Vivre. These would make anybody feel fab, hair or no hair!

Whew! Look at the beautiful depth of color in these! Also at Vivre.

A pretty necklace at Anthropologie. Wear this with simple clothes — a plain tee and jeans or a simple shift. It’s big and loud enough that it needs to be the dominant item.

Whatever your situation may be, I hope that this is helpful in some way. While I’ve never dealt with an illness that causes me to lose my hair, I have dealt with illness that causes me to not look or feel like myself, and I know how discouraging that can be. In the end, I hope that you can do what you can to make yourself feel more like normal, whether it’s pampering yourself with manicures and pedicures, or picking out a pretty scarf. Maybe you need a different size of clothing (like I did with my prednisone weight) to get you feeling good despite your change in weight, whatever it might be. Regardless, like my dear sweet grandmother Blanche always said to me, “This too shall pass!”

I love you, Mom, and I wish you a bon voyage as you go to Maryland this week! I know it will be a good experience! LOVE YOU!!!!

August 27, 2009, 2:28 am
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I got inspired by Benita over at Chez Larsson. She shot these photos of some of her sewing supplies and put them on the front of a box to organize her stuff. I just loved the look of the photos and thought that a similar look could be achieved with jewelry. So I set up a little studio and shot some of my pieces. I think ideally I would like to print these on high gloss paper and frame them — if I had a dressing room, I would hang them there.  Or maybe in a really girly powder room. In the meantime, I’m just enjoying looking at them.